Tama hp910lwnbk speed cobra black out limited edition

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known for its innovative design, the speed cobra 910 pedal is highly acclaimed by drummers around the world. delivering unprecedented velocity and power with minimal effort, this limited speed cobra 910 features a stunning matte black finish that beautifully combines style, feel, and function.

accu-strike cobra beater
the cobra beater was developed to bring out maximum potential of a bass drum. butadiene rubber has unique characteristics. it offers strong resistance to wear, lighter weight and providing consistent and articulate sound with strong attack. and because of the thicker rubber part, the sound is fat yet focused even at lower volumes.

swivel spring tight
the conventional approach to the spring assembly has been to anchor the bottom of the spring while the top of the spring is being pulled from various angles throughout the pedal's cycle. but a spring being pulled on at an angle represents wasted energy and causes turbulence. the swivel spring tight assembly solves this problem, recapturing that lost energy and optimizing smoothness through the use of a contoured assembly that allows the base to swivel freely with the spring. this enables a straight spring pull during the pedal's entire cycle, resulting in the smoothest, lightest action ever found on a bass drum pedal.

para-clamp ii pro
tama now introduces para-clamp ii -an even more clever and useful version of the popular original. the para-clamp ii is capable of gripping the widest variety of bass drum hoops ever. the improvement is largely due to its newly designed three-dimensional rubber grip. holding power is increased and the possibility of scratching the hoop is eliminated. furthermore, set-up and breakdown are easily facilitated, while sitting on a throne because the t-bolt of the para-clamp ii pro is on the side of the footboard, rather than under it.

oiles bearing hinge
to reinforce durability, the iron cobra 900 series features a thicker 6 mm diameter shaft. oiles bearings create far less friction than standard ball bearings. they also eliminate unwanted side-to-side motion while providing superior durability. (oiles bearings is a registered trademark of the oiles co., ltd.).

tama eliminated another source of friction by replacing the traditional nylon rocker cam with the speedo-ring, a rocker cam with a high quality built-in ball bearing rocker. the quick-hook not only allows for easy setup and tear-down but also streamlines the pedal, allowing quick stowaway in the hard case without removing the beater.

rolling glide litesprocket
weighing in at 40% less than our previous iron cobra cam, the round, rolling glide litesprocket revolves naturally and smoothly, contributing to a lighter more responsive feel.
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