Seymour Duncan red devil bridge parchment

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'11205-42-p everything is bigger in texasand its hard to imagine a bigger tone than texas-born billy gibbons 1959 les paul, pearly gates. when you have a good thing, more of it is better, too. even though pearly is his #1, billy is a man of many guitars, and he needs to be able to get the humbucker tone that he loves in his 59 no matter what hes playing. so, after a call to la maestra, maricela mj juarez, a new pickup was born. meet the red devil for strat set. all the fat, p.a.f. tone and texas hot-sauce sizzle of billys favorite, in a pickup that will fit in any strat-sized single-coil routproving that tone as big as texas can come in deceptively small packages. the red devil for strat set features three unique pickup winds, with specially calibrated alnico 5 magnets. the bridge is wound like an extra spicy p.a.f., with enough meat to beef up your strat and provide the fat tone that billy is known for. the neck and middle back off the heat a little and brush on sweet, smoky bluesmaking them perfect for ringing clean tones and chunky rhythms, but with the horsepower billy demands for lead playing. the red devil is also sold as individual neck, middle, and bridge models. individual pickups are sold in black, white, cream, and parchment colors. hand built in our santa barbara, ca factory, the red devil model for strat uses 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and vacuum wax potting for quiet, squeal-free performance.'
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