Roland td27kv2 + mds-st2

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Luca Nicolucci
Luca Nicolucci
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e-drum set
with roland td-27 drum module 2.0
770 sounds
75 preset kits
45 user kits
prismatic sound modelling technology from the flagship roland td-50 creates sound variations that simulate the naturalness of an acoustic drum kit
bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for wireless streaming of music directly from smartphone or midi to compatible devices
sample reverb (ir) enables the recall of very realistic room reverberations
up to 500 wav samples can be imported (max. length 24 minutes mono)
quick record
digital pads have versatile sensors that reproduce very high dynamics and almost all playing styles
all drum pads with double-layer mesh heads (snare drum 3-layer)
crash and ride cymbals with thinner profiles provide a realistic playing feel and vibration behaviour
sd card slot (sdhc compatible)
multipin plug (trigger in) for the included pads
4x 6.3 mm jack trigger inputs for additional pads (one already assigned)
3x digital trigger inputs for roland digital drum pads with multi-sensor technology
2x 6.3 mm jack main outputs
2x 6.3 mm jack direct output
6.3 mm jack headphone output
6.3 mm stereo jack mix-in
6.3 mm jack foot switch input
midi in e out
usb type b connector for usb audio and usb midi
required floor space: approx. 140 x 80 cm
incl. cabling and power supply
set configuration:

14 digital snare drum pad (pd-140ds)
3x 10 two-zone tom pad (pdx-100)
10 kick drum pad (kd-10)
digital hi-hat pad (vh-14d)
12 two-zone crash pad (cy-12c-t)
14 three-zone crash pad (cy-14c-t)
18 digital ride pad (cy-18dr)
mds-std2 drum rack
note: kick drum pedal, hi-hat pedal, snare stand, seat and sticks not included
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