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Radial Engineering tonebone bassbone usato

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radial tonebone bassbone preamp

the radial bassbone is an innovative multi-function tool for bassists that expands the tonal palette, adds versatility and expedites instrument changes during performance!
the bassbone features two instrument inputs with a footswitch selector for instant access to two basses on stage. both channels feature independent level controls and eq settings to contour each instrument for optimal compatibility with the bass amplifier settings. a combination power-booster and effects loop provides variable gain boost as well as on demand access to effects for soloing. in addition to the main instrument output, the bassbone integrates a separate tuner-out and a balanced low-impedance xlr output for the mixing console that acts like a di. designed to spur on the creative process, the bassbone puts you in control of your sound with ease and confidence, opening the door to new sounds and a more exhilarating musical experience. includes 15v power supply.

radial bassbone features
master control for 1 or 2 basses
balanced xlr di output
boost and effects loop circuits
powerful eq and contour controls
separate always-on tuner output
Disponibilità Consegna in 1-2 giorni lavorativi