Markbass fretwraps by gruv gear medium

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our markbass fretwraps by gruv gear are finally available. of course they are not just for bass, we offer them in 3 different sizes to suit a wide range of instruments. the 3d markbass logo looks great on your headstock in standby mode, ready to be slipped onto your fretboard and dampen your strings. even if you have a perfect technique, our string dampener can improve your playing by suppressing any undesired overtones and resonance from your stringed instrument.

how to use: fretwraps work best when positioned over frets that produce minimal natural harmonics, such as at 1st, 4th or 6th fret on guitars and basses.

adjust the strap to dampen the strings without actually fretting them.

slide the fretwrap over the headstock when not in use.

combine two or more fretwraps for even better muting, especially during studio recording.

key points:

> play cleaner, sound tighter, instantly place markbass fretwraps on your instruments strings and they will instantly eliminate any possible string vibrations and clean up your tone making your sound tighter during recording or live performances, a huge time-saver.

> 3-d markbass logo the cool three-dimensional markbass logo on your markbass fretwraps is stunning and will look great on your headstock when in standby mode, ready to be used on your fretboard.

> wide range of string instruments applications we offer markbass fretwraps in 3 different sizes for a wide range of instruments.

size s: fits 4 strings basses, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins and ukuleles.

size m: fits 5 string basses and classical guitar.

size l: fits 6 string basses and 7 to 8 string guitars.
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