Celestion an3510 35w 8ohm compact full range

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celestion - an3510 35w 8ohm - compact full range loudspeaker - neodimio

speaker full-range compatto da 3.5 con magnete in neodimio, bobina da 1, potenza 35watt, impedenza 8ohm

ideale per applicazioni in array e diffusori a colonna

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- compact and lightweight, full-range neodymium loudspeakers

- advanced finite element analysis techniques used for acoustic, mechanical and electromagnetic modelling

- ideal for applications such as portable line arrays where actively controlled wavefront (beam steering) is used

- delivers wider dispersion to higher frequencies than many equivalent compact, full-range drivers on the market

- chassis purpose-designed for maximum free air movement, with square mounting frame to facilitate close coupling of multiple units

- stiff and light aluminium cone remains rigid to higher frequencies, delivering a smoother response in the critical listening band

- half roll elastomer surround provides damping for unwanted resonances and sustained centring control at extremes of excursion

- designed to be weather resistant for outdoor applications

specifiche generali

nominal diameter: 88mm/3.5in

power rating(1): 35wrms

nominal impedance: 8ohm

sensitivity(2): 87db

frequency range: 98hz-18.5khz

voice coil diameter: 25mm/1.0in

chassis type: glass reinforced abs

magnet type: neodymium

voice coil material: round copper

former material: polyimide

cone material: aluminium

surround material: elastomer

xmax(3): 1.25mm/0.04in

gap depth: 4mm/0.14in

voice coil winding width: 6.5mm/0.23in

parametri di thiele-small

d: 70mm/2.76in

sd: 38.48cm2/5.98in2

fs: 98hz

mms: 3.37g/0.12oz

qms: 6.59

qes: 0.66

qts: 0.67

re: 5.73ohm

vas: 1.3lt/0.046ft3

bi: 4.5tm

cms: 0.62mm/n

informazioni di montaggio

overall depth: 50mm/2in

overall size: 89.3 x 89.3mm/3.52in x 3.52in

cut-out diameter: 78.8mm/3.1in

fitting: 4 x m4 holes

mounting pcd range: 104mm/4.1in

unit weight: 160g/5.65oz


(1)tested for two hours using a continuous, band-limited pink noise signal as per aes standard. power calculated on minimum impedance. loudspeaker tested in free air.

(2)measured on axis at 1w, 1m in 2pi anechoic environment.

(3)xmax derived from: (voice coil winding width-gap depth)/2.

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