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the big-sounding as 121 is an active, full-range loudspeaker with one 12 woofer and a hyperbolic horn, with a 1.4 driver, designed by markaudio. an onboard class d power amp sends 800w rms to the woofer, and a mosfet power amp provides 200w for the horn.

acoustical specifications:
> sound pressure
maximum peak spl: 130 db

> frequency response
nominal (3db): 65 hz - 20 khz
usable (10db) without virtual sub: 58 hz - 20 khz
usable (10db) with virtual sub: 46 hz - 20 khz

> dispersion
horizontal x vertical: 90 x 60

> loudspeaker
woofer lf: 1 x 12
coil: neodymium
driver hf: 1.4
horn: hyperbolic

electrical specifications:
> power amp
type: class d + mosfet class a/b
rms power: 800w @ 4o + 200w @ 4o
slew rate: 15v / us
cooling: forced air

> protections
dc current
short circuit
dsp dynamic filtering (optional)

> crossover
1.2 khz

> audio input
sensitivity: 800 mv balanced
impedance: 22 ko

> ac power
type: switching-mode
voltage: see note
power absorbtion
medium 400w / max 1050w

> controls
virtual sub
ground lift

> led indicators
power on

> connections
line in (xlr)
line out (xlr)
ac in (vde)
computer connection (rj45) - optional

> cabinet
wood: multi-ply poplar
finish: textured paint
color: brown 8022
protection grille: black opaque painted metal

> handles
quantity: 2
location: sides

> hardware
adapter for 35mm pole
3 x m10 nut on top side

> dimensions
width: 353 mm / 13.9
height: 587 mm / 23.11
depth: 439 mm / 17.28

> weight
22.2 kg / 48.94 lbs

operating voltage (100/120/230/240 15%) is defined during production based on the country of sale. check the plate data on your equipment before plugging in. due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
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GTIN PMA150008
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